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Specialist Pilates & Fitness Instructor | Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

Supporting you to make positive changes to your health and wellbeing.

An overview of my services...

Pilates Instructor for orthopaedic care

I teach Pilates both in community classes and private 1:1 sessions.  Building a strong and flexible body can have a positive impact on your self esteem, body confidence and overall health and wellbeing.  I am qualified to provide individual programmes specifically if you have a sporting injury you are recovering from or any general orthopaedic condition such as hip & knee rehabilitation following a replacement , back care and maintenance, osteoporosis, frozen shoulder, shoulder injuries, hip strengthening, tennis and golfers elbow, arthritis, pelvic floor weakening and hyper mobility.

I work closely with your physiotherapist notes / health care professionals recommendations to ensure I support you to continue your rehabilitation successfully whilst also focusing on building your core strength, flexibility and mobility.  

Back to Exercise class

A fun class for anyone who has not exercised in a while. We know that it's daunting getting back into fitness when we've not done it in a while, that's why this class works at a gentler pace, enabling you to build confidence in your ability and stamina. We focus on moves that improve your cardiovascular stamina, build muscular strength, and increase flexibility.  Come and give this class a go and take the first step back to a fitter you.

Body Maintenance classes

Come and join me at a 'body maintenance class'.  A fun class for those looking to improve and maintain an active lifestyle. The session will focus on functional movement, building your muscular strength as well as stretching. Adapted for different fitness levels. A firm chair is required as a balance aid for some of the moves.  If you have small weights or a resistance band, then bring that to the session too.

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

As your Health & Wellbeing Coach - I take a holistic view to your health and wellbeing and look at ways to help you reduce your risk of many lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes type 2, stroke and some lifestyle cancers. I can provide you with the health and wellbeing support you need to make safe and sustainable changes to your eating patterns, food choices, stress levels as well as encourage you to get more active, improve and protect your health, well-being and happiness levels. I work on public health funded projects as a freelance trainer and have a raft of experience to offer you.

I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. 


Contact me to make your first appointment and the next step in achieving your goals  or click here to book a timetabled session.