Specialist Pilates & Fitness Instructor


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Back to Exercise:

A fun class for anyone who has not exercised in a while.

Sometimes it's daunting getting back into fitness when we've not done it in a while, that's why this class works at a gentler pace, enabling you to build confidence in your ability and stamina. 

We focus on moves that improve your cardiovascular stamina, build muscular strength, and increase flexibility

        Tuesdays           6:30pm - 7:15pm

        Thursdays        10:00am - 10:45am

Body Maintenance: 

A fun class for those 50+ looking to improve and maintain an active lifestyle.

These sessions focus on your day to day functional movements - like walking, gardening, shopping, hoovering, picking up the grandchildren etc and aims to help you build confidence and muscular strength to achieve these movements with ease every day. 

With additional focus on balance and maintaining core stability as well as stretching, you will leave this class refreshed and ready to take on your day!

A firm chair is required as a balance aid for some of the moves.  If you have small weights and/or a resistance band then bring it to the session too.