Specialist Pilates & Fitness Instructor

Eat well, move more with support from a health and wellbeing coach

Do you want support, motivation and guidance on making changes to improve your health and wellbeing?

Working with a nutrition and health coach enables you to focus on a variety of areas including your:

I am a qualified coach (PGcert) presenter and freelance trainer and have worked on a variety of projects, such as; workplace health programmes, family focused groups, active schools, weight loss and diabetes prevention workshops both privately and for local council initiatives. 

I use a variety of motivational coaching tools and techniques to support and encourage you to make the changes you want. 


First meeting is 1 hour - £30.00

Follow up meetings:

Contact me to book your consultation.

Meetings are held online or via the telephone.

My work with you does not replace your GP or medical advice, instead I work along side to support you to reduce your risk of developing diabetes type 2, heart disease, stroke, and lifestyle cancers.