Specialist Pilates & Fitness Instructor

Private Pilates Class

Due to Covid19 restrictions your Sessions can be run either:

A one-to-one Pilates session enables you to work with a tailored plan which supports you to improve your strength, posture, balance and flexibility.  Perhaps you are recovering from an injury, have a health issue, or are looking to enhance your sports performance and would benefit from a more individual plan.

I can work with you, plan and pace your sessions to ensure you achieve your agreed goals.  In addition to my Pilates qualification, I have undertaken additional training that enables me to work with specific orthopaedic rehabilitation conditions e.g. those rehabilitating from a hip or knee replacement, back pain, hyper-mobility, shoulder injuries and pelvic floor weakening.  Working closely with your rehabilitation notes from your health professional, I will support you to continue your rehabilitation.

Flexible working means I can run sessions from your own home, workspace or a local studio.


From £30 a session

Contact me to discuss your requirements and book your session.