Specialist Pilates & Fitness Instructor

Group Pilates Classes

Improve your posture, balance and well being.  Use Pilates moves to stabilise and strengthen your pelvic, core and abdominal muscles and increase posture, flexibility and mobility, as well as build your muscular strength and maintain bone health.  Maintain a peaceful mind and feel in tune with your body.

I have taken additional studies and am qualified to work with common orthopaedic conditions, so feel confident that your individual needs are planned for in the sessions.

These are structured yet relaxed class for beginner or mixed ability individuals looking to challenge their core strength and flexibility.

The classes offer a range of adaptions and modifications available where required.  

Small class size with a maximum of 10 people per class to ensure I am observing for safety purposes.


Block book 6 weeks for £42

Pay as you go £8.50